Affordable Computers

These are our signature “Affordable Computers”.  New computers with 3 year warranties starting at only $399!  Those feature an Intel Pentium Dual Core 3.3Ghz Processor, 120GB SSD (solid state hard drive) 4GB DDR4 RAM, DVD Burner and your choice of windows 7 or 10.  For $50 more upgrade to 8GB Ram, $100 more to get the 8GB , PLUS a 240GB SSD thus doubling your hard drive, and RAM.  Then for $599 they come with Intel i3 processors, 8GB DDR4 Ram, and 240GB SSD’s.  Lastly, for $699 you get the Intel i5-7600 Processor & motherboard upgrade  to go with your 8GB DDR4 & 240GB SSD.  You can slap a high end video card into the i3 or i5 model and have an inexpensive gaming PC!